Arabella Gilchrist Awards
Arabella Gilchrist Awards
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Casanova, a costume drama, was getting first play, controversially, on BBC Three, which had a young, male skewed audience. Not the traditional viewers of costume drama! Create a TV and print campaign that remains true to the programme whilst talking to the core channel demographic.

BBC 3 Logo

To find an angle that would meet the tough brief, we reviewed the programme material and discovered it had a distinctive rebellious attitude to it, unusual for this genre. In addition the doyenne of punk – Vivienne Westwood, designed all the costumes. Our idea therefore was clear, “ Casanova was the original punk.”

Record viewership and a promax award! The cut through caused a large debate within the BBC as the drama was moving to BBC One after it aired on Three. The campaign had such a high profile that BBC One were concerned it could alienate their audience and commissioned a more traditional clip based campaign for their channel.